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Supporting organizations & creatives that dedicate their work to the social & emotional health of youth, families, and communities.

Sunny Naughton,  Communications and Mental Helath Consultant of Sunshine Silver Lining

This is Sunny

Sunny Noelle Naughton, a Vermont native, is a nationally recognized social entrepreneur leading Sunshine Silver Lining, a Mental Health training agency in its eighth year. With a background in human services, journalism, and the entertainment business, Sunny is able to thoughtfully teach individuals why mental health matters. Through Sunshine Silver Lining, Sunny accesses collaboration, education, and facilitation to support individuals, communities, and organizations to further these conversations.

I advise organizations on how to implement mental health initiatives through training and consulting.

I connect the dots. In the field of wellness and mental health, I learn what an individual, organization, or company wants, and connect them to efficient resources, whether it be Mental Health awareness classes, individual referrals to services, or a brainstorming session of what their next steps can be.

Clients &

I am a proud member of:

National Alliance on Mental Health logo
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention logo
The Stability Network logo

If you need immediate support,
dial or text 988 for the
suicide & crisis lifeline.

Client Testimonials

Wow! I know that sounds superlative, but Wow...Sunny is a dynamo. She understands how to get things done - with grace and her unique style. She is an organizer par excellence and knows how to put a plan together. Sunny builds collaborative teams and knows how to share and delegate responsibilities. If I could bottle Sunny, I could change the world.


As one of the early members of Mental Health First Aid USA in 2009, co-author of much of the curricula over the years, and one who has helped build the program to more than 3 million trained, I was overjoyed to meet Sunny and see the incredible work she has done in support of the program. I look forward to her future projects and plan to be a collaborator/client/customer of whatever she decides to build. If you have the chance to work with her and her team, you are in for a treat!

Bryan G.

Sunny did a fantastic job! She is kind and compassionate and easily kept me engaged. Sharing her own stories was excellent too!

Past Student

Amazing energy for what could be a challenging subject.

Past Student

Friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, direct, and concise with the information.

Past Student

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